Cultural Life Inc., hereinafter referred to as “our company”, has set a privacy policy as below to promote the protection of personal information by establishing a framework for protecting personal information, raising awareness of employees about the importance of personal information protection and ensuring them commit themselves to the policy.

Personal Information Management
Our company keep our customers’ information accurate and updated. We take necessary measures such as maintaining our security system, managing administrative structure, thoroughly educating employees, and so forth to prevent unauthorized access to and loss, damage, falsification and leak of personal information and take precaution measures to keep personal information heavily secured.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Personal information we received from our customers will be used when we send emails or mails to our customers to make contacts, to send information about our work and answer questions from our customers.

Forbidding the Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
Our company manage our customers’ personal information properly and will not disclose the information to a third party except in the following cases.

・When customers agree with disclosure
・When our company outsource a job to a contractor and disclose the information to provide a
service that our customer requested
・When disclosure of information is required by law

Precaution Measures for Personal Information
Our company take every possible measure to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Personal Inquiry
In case our customers want to make inquiries or modifications to, or delete personal information of themselves, we will confirm the identity of the person before responding to the request.

Conforming to Laws and Norms, Revising Our Policy
Our company conform to Japanese laws and norms that are applied regarding personal information we have, and re-examine our privacy policy as appropriate to make improvements.

For inquiries about our privacy policy, please contact us using the information below.

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